Our Booking Conditions

Confirming your booking:

Payment Schedules:

Instant online bookings require full and immediate payment. It might also be necessary to request immediate payment in other circumstances, and in these cases you will be advised in advance. In the case of all other bookings, the following schedules apply:

Payment Methods:
We offer payment by the following methods.

Online Bookings:
For bookings made through pepper’s web page: www.pepper.life, all payments will have to be made immediately and through the online payment gateway.

Offline Bookings:
For bookings made offline, two possible payment methods apply:

The payment can be made online via secure payment gateway. We will send a secure link via email to make this payment online.
The payment can be made via Bank Transfer to the Pepper Life:
Company Name  - Pepper Life (Pvt) Ltd
Account No           - 270060002706
Bank Code           - 7162
Branch  code       - 006
Branch                  - Corporate
Swift code            - NTBCLKLX
Bank  Address    - No 242 , Union Place, Colombo 02

Customer should pay all bank charges for bank transfers. Failure to do so may lead to you being rebilled.
Customer should advice [email protected] when a bank transfer is sent.

Cancellation by you:

In event of cancellation, in whole or part, we voluntarily return all recoverable costs, above and beyond the limits laid down in our Booking Conditions.

Cancellation by us:

I have a medical condition that may need special assistance during an experience. What should I do?

We recommend that you contact your doctor and request that full details of your condition are explained and cross-examined with the experience(s) that you have selected. We advise you to contact us in such an instance and explain your condition thoroughly we will provide you any necessary experience details to make an informed decision. We will strive to make sure that any assistance which can be provided during the experience by the hosts/suppliers will be made, however, in case of a severe medical condition, we make no guarantee that we will meet such expectations.

Information Provided by You:
All information you provide should be true and accurate. We will treat it confidentially and will not forward it to any third party. We do not spam, supply mailing lists or use personal information in any way other than to secure your booking. We have a strict anti-fraud policy and take responsible steps to protect personal information such as credit card details.

Information Provided by Us:
We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that information provided is free from errors and omissions and will correct any errors or omissions once notified. We cannot, however, be held responsible for misinformation that a reasonable person could not have expected us to know. Our opinions are our own. Whilst we rigorously strive for accuracy, these opinions are necessarily subjective to some degree. Occasionally, temporary local circumstances -- for example, emergency maintenance work, power cuts or off-season closure – can make advertised facilities unavailable. We do not take responsibility for consumer comments made in interactive areas of the site, but we do reserve the right to moderate them to comply with fair-mindedness and British and Sri Lankan law.

We expect reasonable behaviour at all times. If, in the considered opinion of our representatives or suppliers, your behaviour could cause danger to yourself or others, damage or persistent offence (including racism), you will be informed of the fact, and your booking may be terminated without compensation. You may also be held responsible for wilful damage.

Customer Care and Complaints Procedure:
We are fully committed to high levels of customer care. This includes solving any problems at source to the benefit and contentment of all parties. Any complaints must be pursued as soon as possible with the supplier of the service and to our customer care department. If matters are not satisfactorily resolved, you must notify us within 24 hours, by e-mail, in a further effort to rectify the situation amicably. We provide you with appropriate contact numbers before travel and it is your responsibility to keep them safely. We reserve the right to refuse any liability or compensation if this arbitration procedure is not strictly adhered to.

Pepper Life Contact Information

Pepper Life (Pvt) Ltd
140A, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

Corporate office (Colombo):  +94 11 7 895825
Sales office (Galle): +94 77 008 8877

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 0830 – 1730 (GMT+ 5.5)

Email (inquiries): [email protected]
Website: www.pepper.life