General description: Spend a morning or afternoon strolling around the Fort with a 4th generation Fort resident. First built in 1588 by the Portuguese, the Galle Fort was extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. Once a busy port, trading with Greece, China and Arab countries the Galle Fort is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument – a living and breathing UNESCO Heritage site with a colorful history, and a multi-ethnic and multi-religious population.

Experience description: Your host is a  resident of Galle from a Muslim family. Her hosted walk takes you through the past and present, from the spot where the first Portuguese boats landed to where the English left off. The walk through one of the modern wonders of the world is a factual one, and full of tales from legendary past battles for the Fort, alliances that were forged and destroyed and insider knowledge of the Fort’s unique urban ensemble, a melting pot of culture, styles and traditions spanning over three centuries. Stroll through fortifications, public administration buildings, warehouses, underground cells and business houses of the past and present interspersed with churches, temples and mosques.

Your host: Your host’s Moorish ancestors first arrived on the shores of Galle in the mid-17th century in one of the earliest waves of spice traders and gem merchants. Having traveled the world, she now resides in Galle with her husband, Sri Lanka’s one time ‘King of Gems’ and her four children.

Includes: A hosted walk of Galle Fort.
Duration: 2 hours.
Difficulty: Easy
Suitable for children: Yes, your host will customize the walk for children.
Times: Afternoons: 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM. 
What to wear or bring along? Cool, light clothing and a camera!
Private or not? The Experience is private.
Important to know: Your host will only do the walk if at least one other female is present, for cultural reasons.