Sprinkle your holiday in Sri Lanka with Unique and Insightful  Experiences


Honey and Hibiscus 

Join Dush De Silva, founder of Sri Lanka’s first designer tea brand for a contemporary tea tasting with a tea expert. The conversation and tea sampling will take you through the processes of Ceylon tea’s journey. You’ll try many teas, including black, green, white and herbal Teas and learn to pour the perfect cup of tea. Finish up with a slice of cake and some nibbles alongside your favorite blend of tea. 


Walk into the past 

Once a busy trading port for spice and gem merchants, Galle Fort is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument – a UNESCO Heritage site with a colorful history, and a multi-ethnic and multi-religious population. Stroll around the ramparts with a 4th generation fort resident and gain an insider knowledge of the Fort’s unique urban ensemble, a melting pot of culture, styles and traditions spanning over three centuries. 


Food for the soul

Rice and curry – Sri Lanka’s national dish – is simplified in language but complex in execution and delicious in taste! Visit a local market to see the wide array of tropical fruit and vegetables on offer, then get a hands-on cooking experience in the traditional setting of a wattle and daub mud hut. The end product is a feast of eight unique dishes served in a lotus leaf. 


A rose by any other name 

The Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens are one of the largest and undoubtedly the finest of their kind in Asia.  Once exclusive pleasure gardens reserved for Kandyan Kings, the extensive gardens are now open to the public and are one of Kandy’s most popular attractions. Visit the Botanical Gardens with our resident host Bandara Palipana, a professor of botany. For some it’s the best visit of them all in Sri Lanka.


Colombo’s Backstreets

Colombo’s bustling Slave Island can be somewhat illogical and overwhelming to visitors. However, visitors to this notoriously misunderstood district will quickly discover that it is one of the most interesting areas in the city. Walk through this historic district with Sk De Silva, a distinguished conservationist and naval architect whose narrative will bring Slave Island’s captivating chronicles to life.


The story of Cinnamon

The gentle coastal hills of southern Sri Lanka are especially suited to the growth of cinnamon. The Portuguese were led to this part of world in search of cinnamon, cutting out the Arab middlemen. Visit a working cinnamon plantation to see cinnamon peeling in action and then take a trip to a cinnamon factory to learn about the process of drying the cinnamon. Finish off with a cinnamon-infused lunch overlooking the cinnamon plantations.


Afternoon tea

Teas in Sri Lanka are grown at different elevations which produces variations in flavour, aroma and colour. Visit a low-grown tea plantation on the south coast of Sri Lanka to try plucking tea for yourself. After this you will have a chance to visit the factory to learn about the process of making the tea. Finish up at the tea planter’s bungalow with a traditional tea tasting.


Meet the elephants

Visit the Millennium Elephant Foundation for the unique opportunity to meet, walk with, and bathe elephants with the guidance of an elephant expert. This organization have been working to improve the care and protection of captive elephants in Sri Lanka by providing a place of sanctuary, medical services and facilities. This experience allows you to understand the issues that affect their conservation within Sri Lanka.


Cooking by Colour 

A brilliant way get to know the culinary flavors of the country is to join the charming Mohara Dole at her home to participate in her well-acclaimed cooking experience. Mohara has the demonstration on the terrace where she will cook and show you how to prepare a range of delicious Sri Lankan dishes which, when presented, are colorful and distinct in taste. After cooking sit down and enjoy lunch together. 


Sail Away

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to see blue whales. During the whale-watching season there is almost a 90% guarantee of sightings. This private rental of Sri Lanka’s most stunning and modern catamaran allows for an exclusive whale watching experience. Set sail on a stunning and modern catamaran with a professional crew and all safety equipment.  The chef will whip up a delicious full breakfast and a three course lunch. 


Two faced

Masks have been used in Sri Lanka for generations, originating from rituals in village settings that followed ancient beliefs, and also used for curing illness. This hands-on workshop in Kolam mask making is hosted by artisan craftsman who will take you through the stages of the age-old tradition of mask carving from start to finish. 


Friends in high places

Kandy is a city of arts, in many creative forms. From batiks to dance performances to extraordinary frescoes hidden within its places of worship, there is art around every corner in Kandy. Spend an hour or two at the studio home of Rahju Devidas and his daughter Rudrani, two of Sri Lanka’s most eminent and reclusive artists, to talk art, philosophy and music with the most interesting characters you’ll likely meet on this trip.