Pepper and Sri Lanka’s Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism in Sri Lanka

Pepper is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices, to help preserve the country’s incredible historical sites, empower local communities, and safeguard the island’s biodiversity.

When curating experiences and meaningful local encounters, Pepper is mindful to develop and encourage ecologically and socially sensitive activity in Sri Lanka. We aim to connect visitors to Sri Lanka without compromising the needs of local people or the ability of future generations to appreciate the island’s beauty.

In fact there are many initiatives Pepper supports which are inspired by community development and conservation. We favour exploring some of the island’s highlights by foot or bike and many of our hosts and exclusive guides are native to the areas in which they work. Sail the Indian Ocean on yachts which are built and operated by Sri Lankans, originally as a post-tsunami tourism solution, now one of the most ethical ways to observe marine life such as whales. Avoid the crowds and help prevent trail erosion in Anuradhapura, and support the work done at the Millennium Elephant Foundation to protect mistreated captive elephants, whilst providing employment and training for mahouts. Get back to basics in Food for the Soul’s mud hut kitchen or at The Secret Garden plantation or The Sri Lankan Garden estate, where permaculture reigns and a lunch of supplies sourced from within their walls awaits you.

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