At Pepper, we understand that travel is all about the experiences. From the people you meet, to the food you eat, your individual experiences are the memories you can take back with you, hold on to for a lifetime, and share with your friends and family back home. We’ve spent more than a decade traversing the island of Sri Lanka, hunting down the most authentic activities, the most heart-stopping adventures, and the most compelling local hosts, allowing you to delve under the surface, jump off the beaten track and get under the skin of what Sri Lanka is really about.

Our collection of experiences showcase Sri Lankan diversity, allowing you to authentically connect with the culture and offering serendipitous encounters with its residents. Each experience is the result of thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes work, ensuring that we design the right mix of activities that will allow you to fully explore the island’s many nuances and hidden corners. Our local hosts are a combination of experts, authors, artists and historians who will draw you into their world and offer you a taste of the unknown.

Our goal is to create extraordinary experiences that become lifelong memories. Using our passion for creativity and quality, we ensure that our experiences are as safe as they are unique and as memorable as they are enjoyable – this is the Pepper way. So add a little spice to your trip, sprinkle some extra activities on to your itinerary and pepper your holiday with meaningful experiences that will give you a deep connection with our beautiful little island.

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