"We were so lucky on the day, children and adults alike would love this. They knew when to hold back especially from other tourist boats. We had about 10 whale sightings including 2 interacting at the same time." - Sarah Mearns | April 2017 | View All Reviews

Highlights & Features

  • A chance to see a variety of marine mammals in their natural habitat
  • Possible to witness sperm and blue whales, orcas, dolphins and turtles
  • Whale watching season is Nov to Apr, there is a 90% chance of blue whale sightings
  • Includes: Boat ride, experienced crew, water.
  • Times: 7:30am - 10:00am.
  • Children: Yes, they will love it.
  • What to wear/bring: Light, cool clothing.

The Full Experience

Catch a glimpse of some of the ocean's most majestic inhabitants in their natural habitat on an exciting whale watching trip.

During peak season, sightings of large groups of whales are commonplace, and with the help of a small yet powerful boat to venture across the ocean swiftly and before other watchers, this experience provides an excellent opportunity for viewings. Marine life such as sperm and blue whales, false orcas, spinner and bottlenose dolphins and turtles thrive in the Indian Ocean waters of Sri Lanka due to the depth of waters just beyond the shoreline.  Remarkably close to land lies the continental shelf, which allows larger creatures the space to prosper whilst feeding off nutrients that flow from shore.

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